Foundation grants are limited to agencies and organizations located in and serving the greater Greensboro area. Grant decisions are generally made on a quarterly basis at our regular Board of Directors meetings. While we do not accept uninvited grant applications we will accept letters of inquiry and we are happy to discuss our interests with organizations that meet the basic guidelines.

Our interests are broad and grants are generally based on the priorities and needs of those organizations we choose to support. We have particular interests in the community and its quality of life, including these areas.

  • support for education
  • programs for children and youth
  • protection of the environment
  • efforts to reduce poverty and improve the lives of the disadvantaged and the needy
  • advancement of human and civil rights, racial tolerance, and diversity
  • enhancement of parks, recreation, and the quality of life
  • economic development

Our Grants

Our grantmaking programs seek to further the Foundation’s mission. In doing so, we expect our staff to take roles of leadership in the community and to seek and identify opportunities where our support will make a difference.

We have no bias for or against any particular grant type and we will support endowment, capital campaigns, facilities and construction, new initiatives and special projects, and general operating expense.

General operating support comprises a small portion of our grantmaking interest and organizations considered for such support will be judged by the Board’s perception of their merit and effectiveness.

We will avoid creating any expectation of long-term support however this will not preclude multiyear commitments when appropriate.

When awarding a general support grant we may also place a moratorium for an appropriate period for further support. Such a moratorium would not apply to grants in other categories when appropriate.
We do not make grants to/for the following:

  • individuals
  • partisan political programs or voter registration efforts
  • conferences
  • travel or group trips
  • video productions
  • fraternal organizations
  • churches and other organizations for religious purposes