The Foundation does not accept uninvited applications. Be sure that your agency meets these criteria before contacting the Foundation:

  1. The agency is:
    1. located in the Greater Greensboro area and serves the citizens of Greensboro primarily or
    2. is not located in Greensboro but serves or plans to serve citizens through programs in Greensboro or
    3. program delivery is not in Greensboro but a large percentage of clients are from Greensboro ; and,
  2. The agency is a 501c3 nonprofit organization or a unit of government or education that is entitled to tax-deductible gifts and grants.

Inquiries may be made by sending a letter or email to the Foundation briefly describing a project or idea for which you would like to be considered for a grant OR by completing a “letter of inquiry” form on our online grants management system. Foundation staff will review your idea and will respond in a timely manner. If it is appropriate, the staff will schedule a discussion period or provide additional guidance about how to proceed.

Completing a Letter of Inquiry

The Letter of Inquiry is submitted through our online grants management program. If your agency has ever received a grant from the Weaver Foundation, it has an account in our system. In this case, contact Kevin Gray at 378-7910 or via email so he can create a User Name and Password for you. DO NOT create a new account.

If you have previously completed a grant application or submitted a Letter of Inquiry through our system, you may click below to proceed.

Click here to enter the online grant system